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Stealthread Fountain Brush Pen

Stealthread Fountain Brush Pen

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London International Creative Competition
Professional / USE (Product) Shortlist

Beautiful and Stylish Brush Pen with "Super Exquisite Machining"

Featuring the luxurious weasel brush from the traditional ink brand "Kaimei" on its nib, this brush pen is meticulously crafted using Laurett's unique "super exquisite machining." Through this process, the pen is sculpted to achieve both beauty and a light, stylish brushstroke. Elevating the MLK brush pen to new heights, this deluxe creation transforms the conventional image of brush pens. The fusion of the soft brushstroke reminiscent of traditional brushes and the hard impression of modern metal machining truly symbolizes the uniqueness of Laurett's.

Expressive Brush Calligraphy Made Easy

The "MLK Brush Pen" offers a refined design and user-friendly experience, allowing you to enjoy the delicate brushstroke effortlessly. It provides a unique touch for expressing both text and illustrations. From everyday expressions to formal documents, it adds an elegant impression to every written piece. With a refillable ink cartridge, it can be cherished for a long time.

Size & Details:

  • Size/Weight: φ13×144mm
  • Barrel/Cap: aluminum alloy
  • Brush Part: Kaimei Premium Weasel Hair
  • Ink: Kaimei Exclusive Ink


  • Main Unit (with Transparent Ink for Replacement Brush Tip Protection, Perpetual warranty available for a fee)
  • Weight Pen Rest
  • 3 Replacement Ink Cartridges


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