About Laurett's

The name Laurett's is derived from the term "Knurling”. One theory about the origin of this term suggests that it is inspired by the intricate serrated patterns created by Knurling, resembling the laurel wreath (also known as "Laurier" in Latin), which is made from the leaves of the laurel tree. The laurel wreath is universally recognized as a symbol of victory and glory.

Laurett's products aim to capture the same sense of beauty and precision associated with this symbol, with a hope to bring happiness and contentment to people's hearts.


"A brand supported by unparalleled craftsmanship and a one-of-a-kind beauty-enhancing technique."

"Knurling processing" refers to the commonly seen processing on the outer perimeter of dials and knobs, often found in household appliances. Characterized by fine irregularities, this distinctive feature adds a unique charm to the appearance of the product.