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MLK701 Fountain Brush Pen

MLK701 Fountain Brush Pen

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MLK701 (Cross Pattern)

A standard model featuring finely engraved grid-like knurling

Winner of the 27th Japan Stationery of the Year Award 2018 - Excellent Product Award
LIFE×DESIGN AWARD 2018 Best Craftsmanship

"An Exquisite Creation of Tradition and Craftsmanship"

The MLK fountain brush pen, born from the collaboration between  Laurett's with its refined cutting-edge technology and the long-established ink specialist Kaimei Co., Ltd., features full-surface knurling on the entire body. It is finished with spin and diamond-cut processes to bring out the material's beauty and a pleasant touch to the maximum. The pen delivers a smooth flow, and its nib, crafted from rare and high-quality weasel hair, offers exceptional handwriting capabilities, making it not just an ornamental piece but a genuinely remarkable writing tool.

  • Size/Weight: φ12×144mm / approximately 30g
  • Body and Cap: Aluminum, entirely processed by cutting
  • Brush Part: Kaimei-made nib, using high-quality weasel hair
  • Ink: Exclusive Kaimei ink
  • Main body (equipped with a replaceable nib and clear ink for nib protection) *Perpetual warranty available for a fee
  • 3 replacement inks
  • Special sleeve box included
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