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Laurett's R2.0

Laurett's R2.0

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Exquisite craftsmanship speaks for itself in this unparalleled masterpiece

Our ballpoint pen/mechanical pencil, featuring a simple yet sophisticated design, undergoes meticulous processing (knurling) along the curved silhouette of the metal, showcasing our unique technique. Simplicity meets refinement, providing outstanding functionality and elegance, making it suitable for every occasion, from business scenes to daily life. The moment you pick it up, the refined beauty and unexpectedly soft fit in your hand bring satisfaction and luxury, offering a luxurious experience.

Simple Knock Mechanism

The use of a simple knock mechanism enhances convenience, allowing you to immediately jot down the moments when inspiration strikes, stimulating your creativity.

Non-Slip Effect

Leveraging the non-slip effect of the knurling, the unique fit is achieved through the intricacies and special treatment, delivering not only a sense of luxury but also a distinctive tactile experience.

Fixed Sleeve

The mechanical pencil utilizes a fixed sleeve mechanism, offering a smooth and responsive writing experience without any wobbling. The secure grip it provides enhances stability, further accentuating its sophistication.

How to Replace the Ballpoint Pen Refill

  • Remove the tip's metal grip to access the refill.
  • Replace the refill, taking care not to lose the spring inside during the process.

How to Replace the Mechanical Pencil Lead

To refill the lead, remove the cap and eraser from the tail end and replace with 0.5mm lead.

Size & Details

  • Primary Materials: A5056 Aluminum Alloy/Brass
  • Ballpoint Pen Refill: G2 Type
  • Mechanical Pencil Lead: 0.5mm
  • Fixed Nib Mechanism
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